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An Observation


Saw this today–made me think about how on-line education will become more important in the future:

“What’s the most frustrating part about being teacher?”
“I think it’s getting increasingly difficult to convince my students that what I’m teaching is relevant to their lives. They see a world where the path to success is much more muddled, and social skills are beginning to seem more important than academics. It’s hard to instill the importance of memorization when information is so freely and instantly available.”


The virtual world will allow students to customize their education in ways that the traditional classroom can’t. That alone makes the material relevant. The key is to make the on-line experience effective AND unique.

The No-textbook Challenge: Using web resources to replace the College Text


Good stuff—and I think it could work in a literature/composition course

Online Learning Insights

Is it possible to use Open Educational Resources  and other open education materials to replace student textbooks for an online college course? Find free content on the web, eliminating the need for  students to buy textbooks?  Yes! –  at least for the course United States Government which I put to the test. I put myself up to the  No Textbook Challenge – to replace textbooks for a given General Education college three credit course as described in my last post. In this post, I’ll outline the context of the course, and the engaging, comprehensive and free instructional resources which I’ve incorporated into the online course delivered via Moodle (the  learning management platform our college uses).

 The context
I use the Dick, Carey and Carey instructional model (consisting of 9 phases) for design and re-design of our online courses. There are nine phases in the model – though with…

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